Now this one is a bit tricky. This deck plays similar to homuc raikka that you aim to grow your allies as fast as possible whilst try to discard Lilyt of Orem and bring it back with GB ability.

Hero: Gravebone

Allies (19):
2x Rotling
4x Barrenland Gremlin
3x Plightbred Runt
4x Voracious Arachnid
4x Brimstone Devourer
2x Lilyt of Orem

Abilities (6):
2x Transmogrification Curse
2x Suspended Animation
1x Super Nova
1x Ley Line Nexus

Items (10):
4x Abomination Factory
4x Crystal Shards
1x Splicer's Crown
1x Leash of Life

Locations (4):
4x Rankett: Proving Grounds

= 39 cards

Your game plan is super aggro. You are not required to sacrifice every turn after 3-4 cc. Instead, you want to take the board before opponent can answer. Losing the board at any moment will cost you the game. There are some control cards like transmorg and suspended animation but they all require your allies support. I put in 1 nova as last reset button but in most case you shouldn’t rely on it.

Lilyt of Orem is a star. With Leash of Life and location on board you can summon a 2/3 ally, give +2/+2 to all allies and draw a card every turn for FREE. On the other hand, your opponent will try to destroy it asap which can buy you time to grow your other allies.