Anyone from the ancient Shadow Era would not forget how strong was Beetle Demon Bow in the hands of Gwen.

I am trying to build a deck that makes Beetle playable again, and I found this:

Hero: Ythan Redthorn

Allies (16):
4x Krugal Trapper
4x Krugal Braggart
3x Sneerkrug
2x Krugal Quickshot
3x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt

Abilities (8):
4x Hunter's Gambit
2x The Perfect Shot
1x A Legend Rises
1x Ley Line Nexus

Items (15):
3x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
3x Camouflaged Foe
4x Beetle Demon Bow
3x Night Prowler
2x Soul Seeker

= 39 cards

The model comes from RD baduruu, with Night Prowler double steal as your main goal.

The double steal requires 3 elements:
1. Weapon
2. Nigh Prowler
3. Double shot ability (Snowland spotter)

The reason why baduruu is good is because one of the element (weapon) is free. So you can achieve the combo in 2 turns.

Ythan can do something similar with free double shot. All you need to do is to play T4 Beetle, T5 Night Prowler + ability. However, before that you need to establish board control with allies/traps in order to pull that trick.

The other way to use Beetle is to play it as a weapon, and turn it into an ally the same turn you play Drangis. A free 4/6 body with ambush is nothing too shabby with 4cc cost.

The deck is tempo oriented and a bit low on draw. You need to be aggressive in early game and try to secure your late game with double steal. If steal doesn’t work, keep dominating the board with hunter allies until opponent cannot answer.