Forum is a bit quiet. I am posting this deck to boost some activity.

I used this deck to climb to top 5 in best score last season, with minor tweaks.

This deck requires a bit of skill and not quite suitable for new players. But if you consider yourself really good at mind games, you might want to give a shot.

Hero: Baduruu

Allies (11):
4x Krugal Trapper
4x Snowland Spotter
3x Brutal Minotaur

Abilities (11):
4x Here Be Monsters
4x Hunter's Gambit
1x Shriek of Revulsion
1x Ley Line Nexus
1x Dawn Raid

Items (17):
3x Snare Trap
1x Death Trap
1x Ricochet Trap
1x Camouflaged Foe
3x Night Prowler
2x Soul Seeker
3x Grundler's Double
3x Emore Crossbow

= 40 cards

This is not RD baduruu. Your goal is not resource denial but stealing tempo with HBM and traps.

Traps: 3 snare 1 death 1 ricocht 1 camo. The set of 3 different 3cc traps often caught your opponent into bad play by making sub-optimal move. E.g. when you have death trap on hand, dig a camo with trapper and play the death trap. You will often find opponent playing fatty into your death trap.

Try to play spotter on the same turn you play weapon with baduruu ability. You will most likely takeover the board from there. If you are going first, you can skip sac on T4 and play HBM. On T5 you play spotter and weapon. However it depends on situation, against slow fatty decks you want to play spotter on T4 and prowler on T5 to steal their fatties asap. In that case, I would even ignore board and go for face. Cause 1 fatty steal is equal to 1 less fatty you need to deal with and 1 extra fatty you can play.

Brutal Minotaur is my person twist to the deck. Though you can switch it with Forgotten Horror based on meta. Brutal Minotaur has the best stat as a 5cc ally and the perfect play on an empty board after weapon sweep. It steals a lot of tempo and often caught opponent off guard as they do not expect it in RD Baduruu deck. The health reduction can be mitigate by soul seeker.

Brutal Minotaur and Night Prowler are the 2 win coins of the deck. You need to select which way to go against different matchups. In general, you play NP against control/midrange deck and BM against aggro/weapon based deck.

Tech cards: Shriek of Revulsion for warriors, Ley Line Nexus for weapon/armor and Dawn Raid for draw engines.

Keep in mind that mind games is the core of this deck. You need to understand what your opponent is thinking and set up traps to bait them for the wrong play. You need to know when to play Brutal Minotaur out of surprise to maximize its effect. In case you have a bad draw, try to pretend you are an ally based baduruu and pull out Night Prowler double steal out of the blue. Remember the psychological impact for NP often win you games.

Hope you enjoy it.