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    Daily Quests

    Quests are an important aspect in most games. They challenge the players' skills and push them to play more, explore the game further and build new decks. For these reasons I think they are an essential feature in a digital card game.

    Players may get three of these quests per day, either chosen randomly or organized like a calendar during the week. This also could suggest implementing the Balor calendar and clock as I had previously suggested on the forum(link: They could either be taken one at a time (player might have to actively select what quest they want to apply for) or all at once. All quests can be completed by playing rated, unrated (but not private) or meltdown matches, even in multiple runs, except where otherwise specified.

    Here's a list of some suggestions I've thought of:
    - Win one rated match with X hero (10sc)
    - Play 40 cards from X class (10sc)
    - Play 30 human/shadow/neutral cards (10sc)
    - Deal 100 damage (10sc)
    - Deal 75 combat damage (10sc)
    - Deal 50 ability damage (10sc)
    - Deal 10 damage with a single attack (10sc)
    - Heal 20 damage (10sc)
    - Use 150 resources (10sc)
    - Destroy 10 resources (10sc)
    - Destroy 10 items (10sc)
    - Kill 15 allies (10sc)
    - Destroy 10 abilities (10sc)
    - Play the card X in a rated match and win (15sc)
    - Win a match with your hero's health less than 10 (15sc)
    - Win a match with your hero's health more than 20 (15sc)
    - Win two consecutive rated matches with the same hero (20sc)
    - Sacrifice 15 cards (10sc)
    - Play 10 cards with Sustain (10sc)
    - Play 10 locations (10sc)
    - Seek 10 cards (10sc)
    - Activate 15 times an ability (10sc)
    - Activate an ability with shadow energy 10 times (10sc)
    - Disable/poison/freeze/set ablaze an opposing hero or ally 10 times (10sc)
    - Exile an opposing ally, item, ability, hero item or location 10 times (10sc)
    - Play 15 items/support abilities/hero items (10sc)
    - Play 15 allies with cost 6 or greater (10sc)
    - Play 15 allies with Stealth/Ambush/Steadfast/Protector/... (10sc)
    - Play 15 allies with fire/ice/electrical/arcane/bow attack (10sc)
    - Play 25 allies with sword/claw attack (10sc)
    - Play 20 allies from the X tribe (10sc)

    In addition to sc rewards, for completing all the daily quests there can be a prize (1 foil pack or maybe even 1 prize pack).
    It's also possible to use gold instead of crystals for rewards: considering an average 23 gold per crystal that comes out from buying and selling Raikka's premium deck, that would correspond to the following:
    Completing all daily quests would give something roughly between 700-1000 gold per day, which corresponds to around 10 wins.
    Adjustments could be made to gold per victory at this point (maybe decrease it to 50g), so that it's not too generous.

    I'll add some other quests so the list will probably grow in the future. Also, quests could be combined with in-built guilds to make something like guild events once in a while, and I might cover it in another post once (and whether) the feature is added.
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