Hero: Majiya (41 cards)

Ally (24):
2x Plightbred Runt
4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker
3x Voracious Arachnid
4x Brimstone Devourer
3x Evolving Abomination
4x Falseblood Cultist
4x Lilyt of Orem

Ability (7):
1x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Shadowbolt
2x Widespread Decay

Item (9):
4x Crystal Shards
3x Living Ice Wall
2x Dagger of Unmaking

Deck Code: 853421B

I didn't see anyone playing with Lilyt so here is a take on a deck built around her if anyone is interested to experiment. In my experience messing with different builds and heroes, she is too expensive to be played in Ranket aggro homunculus decks so I went for more midrange route. Majiya seems better suited for such deck than other mages as you get some board control and draw with her ability. Shadow homunculus are better than human counterparts in those areas as well, thanks to Devourer and Cultist. It is not high tier deck at any means, but with good knowledge of the game it can be fun to play and have decent win rate. I hope you enjoy it.