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I vote social media advertising. By this Im considering something along the lines not necessarily just advertisements per se, but more about developing connections with people who can advance the game in whatever facet possible. I would be reaching out as many big twitch tcg streamers as possible. If you convince someone like kripparian or kibler to partner up I think that could go a long way.

How much is this game worth? Could offer up a percentage of the game and or a salary, get someone like kibler on board can not think of any one better.. should reach out to him. See if hed be willing to talk if not ask him what hed charge for a couple days of his time to at least look into the game, and decide if he wants in or knows anyone who might be of use.
Any paid advertising at this time would be terrible waste of money. Shining light on SE now with worst management situation in its history would only increase number of people who get a bad first impression. Also I don't think any external person with a reputation they care about would choose to associate themselves with SE at this time.

Unrelated: I hear 3/6 of the PC are MIA. Is this true?