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    Firstly: I stand by that burn is still a more NPE deck by choices argument.
    And upside, if we ban/change shard of power, we no longer get people confused about max vs visible health.

    There is a design vision where needing one specific card is NPE. That's reasonable.
    But the decision on deckbuilding and other choices still exists, promoting diversity and other choices in and out of game. Which should also be on design's goals.

    Rather that nerfing archetypes entirely, what if we simply made more playable answers? Having 6-8 answers becomes more in line to creature removal options, which are equally necessary and removes the "hoping to draw your 1-2 copies of an answer" argument. Yes, there will be games you don't see it, but there are also games you don't find CB/Retreat/Whatever for any creature bomb.

    Or, what if we made more interesting abilities that demand answers, so we play more of the answers we already have?

    The following is me continuing to point at deckbuilding choices that aren't as black and white as immunity, but wherein accrued value pretty much decides the game (ex IGG); nothing really new here.

    Choices begin with what cards you put into your deck. Did I put in any semblance of lifegain? Answers to items? Armor?

    If I decide I don't want to, that makes Amber/Baduruu/Serena worse matchups.
    If I decide I don't want to, fair creature based Gwen is also terrible, with unbreakable soul seeker eating all your allies and healing her.
    RD Baduruu.
    King's Pride post Tidal Wave is already brutal; not having answers at all is pretty much game ending. And you'll be down cards for playing pressure into wave.
    Dragon's Tooth kills all the big creatures that hold the board stable in mid-late game, getting overrun.


    What if I decide to play no creature removal?
    Any deck that has better, faster board presence will just win.
    Any unanswerable ally will just win, unless you flipped a free reactory t2 and can just kill your opponent.
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    Here's an idea for Lay Low.
    Duration 1
    Your hero and allies you control have ambush. Friendly allies who haven't attacked this turn have stealth.

    Makes sense that a rogue would hide and either stay hidden or use the opportunity for a sneak attack

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    This is my suggestion for Lay Low :

    Cost 2
    Duration 1 : friendly rogue allies you control have hidden, when this card is destroyed draw a card

    Reason for the change :
    - only one duration so it can't be abused by Shrine of Negatia combo
    - limited only for rogue ally card to push more archetype build using rogue ally and also not to be abused by Knight of Unaxio
    - to compensate the missing duration and the ally limitation, reduce the cost into 2 and added one card draw when it's destroyed
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