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    A Walkthrough/Review of the Blockchain Packs

    The v3.66 update included functionality to purchase blockchain packs. What is a blockchain pack you ask? Essentially it's a pack of 15 foil cards that have a silver border around each card.

    Before you pull the trigger and purchase your first blockchain pack, here's a walkthrough/review of the process to set expectations.

    Step 1: Click on the icon for the Shadow Tokens

    Step 2: Select Card Packs. This provides a sample image of a blockchain Priest of the Light. From here, select the type of pack from the dropdown

    Step 3: Click the button "Buy - 100 SHDW". You will be prompted with a OK/Cancel dialog box. If you click OK, the purchase will take place and you will be presented with this dialog:

    Step 4: Here's where the user experience takes a nose dive. It seems like a real-time delivery of the cards isn't possible. Therefore, a wait period ensues. If I go to my Deck and start making changes, the delivery process will interrupt my Deck changes and take me to a new screen (losing any unsaved changes). Additionally, and I have yet to test this, but I would be concerned to start a Quick Match before the cards are delivered. Would it interrupt the game? Perhaps. We would need Kyle to weigh in. In the meantime, let's continue with the walkthrough.

    When the cards are delivered, the game takes you to this screen:
    What the f**k? Why is the screen displaying 8 cards to Reveal instead of 15!?!
    I'll explain shortly.

    Step 5: Let's go ahead and reveal these:
    Nice! Gambit and a couple of cards for my Ter/Vess decks

    Step 6: Next, I click Done, and I'm brought back to a second Reveal screen. This time, it has my "remaining" 7 cards. So I wasn't cheated - I still ended up with a total of 15 cards.
    Let's repeat the Reveal process:

    If you're following along with this walkthrough to purchase your first blockchain pack, congratulations! You're done. You can go to your Deck and add any of the blockchain cards you desire.

    Additional notes:
    1. In most cases, all 15 cards will be delivered at once. Just know that it's not all cases, and the "remaining" cards should be delivered after the first Reveal
    2. To review your blockchain card transactions, use this url, inserting your Waves Address at the end{{InsertYourWavesAddress}}

    1. Currently, a blockchain pack only costs 100 SDHW. Given that a Foil pack costs 500sc and only delivers 5 cards, 100 SDHW seems like a bargain for 15 blockchain cards.

    1. Clunky user experience. The wait period and the possible delivery of 15 cards in two sets is problematic. In one of my purchases, I received 14 cards initially, then I received a Server Error, and I never received the last card. The link should provide a transaction log as to which card was delivered, but it's not easy to comprehend this transaction log.
    2. The "look" of the blockchain border. I realize this is personal taste, but given the artwork and beauty of this game, the blockchain design fell short of my expectations.
    3. There doesn't appear to be functionality built to sell a single blockchain card within the game. For example, if I received a Fire Snake blockchain card and wanted to sell it, shouldn't I have the ability to list it for 5 SHDW? Or list a Kion for 250 SHDW? Maybe it's a misunderstanding on my part, but I thought the blockchain cards were meant to be purchased and sold within the community.

    As of v3.66, if I were to "review" blockchain, I'd give it 2 stars out of 5. The bargain for the "foil hunters" cannot be ignored. 100 SHDW is a fair starting price. However, I would like to see improvements in future versions that specifically address the three "cons" mentioned above. A better user experience, a better blockchain design, and functionality to buy/sell single cards are important to take blockchain to the next level.

    I hope this walkthrough/review has been helpful for some.

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    I think blockchain card design is important enough to put some money into it and hire professional artist/designer. Right now it is not aesthetically pleasing enough, to me at least, to invest in. I would look at Hearthstone cardback designs for inspiration for a new border (ofc not to make it cartoonish as them but they have neat ideas regardless)
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    Check out this thread for some awesome articles and guides.

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    very nice write-up!

    i've bought couples of pack and all 15 revealed at the same time
    i don't like the waves + black border either, just remove the black or make the waves border on top of it

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    If you buy a pack and leave the game for a while (more than the 3 minutes needed to deliver) it won't show any pack opening animation and will simply drop your cards directly in your collection. I went in a few hours after purchasing a pack and didn't see any pack so I was scared but after checking my collection using the deck builder, there they were. This could bring some confusion to some buyers tho.

    I also share that the border isn't pretty enough as I was expecting. Idk why but I was expecting a golden border at least to make it look nicer and special.

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    Nice walkthrough. Definitely seems improvements can be made, but good to have this here to show people the process.
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