We're excited to announce that starting in v3.66, blockchain cards will be available in the game, and Shadow Era secures another milestone as the first properly tokenized game on the Waves platform!

Visually, blockchain cards are like super foils: they all have full sized card art, a shiny foil effect, a special border, and rotate around when zoomed.

The starting price of blockchain packs is 100 SHDW each, with the same rarity distributions as the normal packs (10 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare/epic/legendary, 1 hero). The 15 randomized cards are sent to your Waves wallet on the blockchain, meaning that you own them and can transfer them to somebody else, or even sell them individually on the Waves DEX. (In-game selling for individual cards is coming in a later update). Shadow Era will not be selling singles itself, so this will be a completely player-run market.

In recognition of our achievement, the Waves platform team has agreed to award us a $30,000 marketing budget to promote the game! We're looking forward to welcoming a ton of new players starting mid April! Grab your SHDW while it's still cheap!