… presents: The 2v2 tournament you were waiting for!


Standard prizes based in the total of signed up players.

Sign up

You'll have to sign with a partner to participate. Name your team and specified the ign of both players, your hero class and the captain of the team.

Sign up start now (the moment this thread is posted) and finishes Wednesday 13th.

To keep an organized bracket, we'll set a cap to the number of teams: 8, 16, 32...
Anyone signed up in between those numbers, will become a reserve in a “first come, first serve” system.

Format for dummies

Teams of 2 players. You and your partner play against another team going one vs one. The team winning more matches advances to next round. In case of a tie, both winners play each other to decide.

Format (detailed)

The tournament will be a single elimination bracket.

How this all tag team thing works? Your team will be added to the bracket and assigned another team as opponent. Each member of the team will face a member from the opposite team in a best of 3 match. Win a best of 3 means 1 point to your team. In case both teams earned 1 point after that stage, winners of both games will face to decide who will earn the decisive point.


Team A: Colosal and Colly
Team B: Colo and cholo

Both teams will decide who plays against who (“how?” it will be explained in the rules).

Case 1: Colo and cholo win their respective matches so their team advances for having 2 points over nothing on the opponent's side.

Case 2: colosal wins over colo; cholo over colly. In this case both teams have 1 point so they'll need need a tiebreak to decide who advances and that is decided by making both winners play each other. In this scenario : colosal vs cholo.