I'm surprised Locations have been in the game so long without huge complaints of not being able to read easily the text for the opponent and I did have a few ideas for making it more player-friendly, but it never really got to be such a hot issue so it was never addressed. Haunty just raised it on Telegram, so I post here for it to be captured somehow and maybe lead to discussion.

SOLUTION 1: Zooming can show the card twice (normal and rotated 180).

SOLUTION 2: Zooming can show the card rotated 180 if you click/hover over the top half.

SOLUTION 3: Generate the card image in 2 additional forms with the text written the right way up on each, so regardless of controller you can see both and show the right one to each player.

There are probably other solutions, but those are the 3 I was considering to make things slightly nicer. Feel free to suggest more!