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    Shold: Tempest Gorge

    Hi guys,

    How exactly does this card work? Especially "Artifacts you control have Sustain: 1cc. 0SE: Target artifact you control is destroyed."

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    Sustain 1cc means that at the end of each of your turns you need to have 1 unspent resource to keep the card with Sustain from being destroyed. If you have multiple cards with Sustain 1cc then you need 1 unspent resource for each of them. Game checks if condition is met from left to right. For example, you have 2 artifacts. They both have sustain 1cc due to location's effect. If you have 2 unspent resources at the end of the turn, then they are not destroyed. If you have 1 unspent resource, then the first one on the left will remain in play and second one will be destroyed.

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