A new team has appeared… Shadow Era Titans!

New and old blood mixed to keep the perfect team balance.

Shadow Era Titans (SET) is a new guild for SE fans that want to bring their player skills to the next level. Join us and become a competitive player, a respected tournament organizer or just a more active member of SE community.

What does SET has to offer?

You'll have a perfect environment to level up your game skills with experienced players and new ones at different level to sparring.
Also, SET is the perfect place to make new friends that share your taste for gaming.
The most important is: we play shadow era.

How to apply?

Follow this LINK and you'll find your way in there as easy as it could be.
You can also contact any of the active members in telegram, this forum or ingame.

Thank you for reading so far and I hope you join us in our path to become better players.