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    Waiting for the changes...

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    Great changes, can t wait for them to come into play.

    Isadora nerf should possibly bring her to where she ultimately should possibly be powerwise.
    Good call with Mortlock, extra hp should help out his purpose a bit. Likewise, I imagine the proposed change should positively influence Lylit’s utility and impact in game, while not needlessly making her a „tower” hp ally like she was first released.
    However, Axiom might be bit over board, although not neccessairly - I d say we ll still have to see about this one (2cc for his ability might not have been too high a cost given how effectively Elementals can manipulate their allies’s stats; also we don t know what other Elemental cards could appear in the future for this theme). In any case, this change doesn t seem broken yet, but needs to be monitored (mostly on how it performs with Elemental ally stat-swapping & manipulation theme).

    Now to the beef of the changes:

    I don t know if Javelin is perfect remedy but it sure solves big part of current problems with the card. I like how it mitigates the effectivness of double attack now by exposing hero more to retaliation damage while going after big allies, especially that it will now only go with classes that already have great anti-fatty disposal (Elementals - Mind Control, Warriors - Dragon Tooth), so it would really be counter-productive (probably OP) to double back on this aspect. And all this while maintaining its desired utility for Logan - good job here! However, I still do fear the possible recursion making the use of Javelin much stronger, that has not really been addressed with this change (just the general use of it got restricted by class restriction).
    And in any case, regarding the philosphy of Elemental class development, I d much rather see a next moderate or even weak draw engine created for them, than random cards pushed to the limits to help out the class, as it seems to be the case now with granting them access to (still recyclable!) Javelin and very cheap, strong Axiom ability.

    Lastly, I would like to propose this change to Eye of the Forest, which in my opinion should really serve overall gameplay the best:

    „3cc, 2 dura: Wulven allies summoned with Haste have (or gain? - I mean it for just first turn for hasted allies) Ambush.” Rest as it was up to now - so basically just allies freshly summoned while having Haste ability would benefit by getting Ambush for 1 turn, rest would take retaliation dmg while clearing board, which should balance out 2 dura on this artifact.

    I think it would make the card much more fun while also balancing it and helping to preserve the one deck archetype that is otherwise, basically, becoming extinct - the Haste Wulven archetype, which has been dying out since newer and newer strong cards not relying on Haste were getting released for Wulven. It would basically mean yet one more way to competitively play the class and much more new fun options to play all heroes in it. Please save Haste Wulven archetype with this only required change. Please do still consider this change for this upcoming patch.
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    Jesus Christ! What did you do while I was away 0_o

    Jk jk

    Seems many ideas were taken into account. Warrior/Elemental I remember being a big one.

    I was sad to see my Eye at 1 dura though I get it. It was needed -_-
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