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    Xmas Special Control Loest 3.63

    Im tower deck player and trust me this deck aint no joke... People not playing that kind of decks so i wanted to share it and prove that Loest can be played different then 40 cards rush . I know everyone are different and play different but i hope there is some guys who play tower decks like me so check this out. This is like a fresh air to me something so different.. and fun.i will try explain how it works and why this deck is good.

    Loest have probably best hero ability to exile anything(blood frenzy black market etc.) every 5 turns expect steadfast allies. I think this deck similar to control Victor or 80 cards Boris if u like that style of plays you must to try this deck .
    4x Shadowbolt can accelerate your hero ability. Double Draw engine 4x Confluence of Fate and 4x Tome of Knowledge .
    Targets for Confluence of Fate : 3x Poor Quality 4x Treasured Heirloom 4x Consuming Fear 1x A Legend Rises 1x Live Together, Die Alone

    Card choices>
    1) Consuming Fear over Subdue u can use it but i dont like this card.. its good but i think Consuming Fear is better lower cost.
    2) Poor Quality over others weapon removals because its attachment searchable by 4x General of Unaxio and triggers Confluence of Fate draw.
    3) 4x Twilight Opportunist 4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker. i want my allies to die fast because i want to trigger my 4x Honored Dead.
    4) 2x Artful Squire 2x Dawn Raid i like this split u still need some removal .and 2x Braxnorian Soldier for lance
    5) Lily Rosecult she can revive some items i think Jevelin is good in any deck

    Hero: Loest, Savior of Layar (80 cards)

    Ally (35):
    4x Twilight Opportunist
    4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker
    4x Priest of the Light
    4x Layarian Seductress
    3x Lily Rosecult
    4x Tainted Oracle
    2x Artful Squire
    4x Phoenix Urigon
    2x Braxnorian Soldier
    4x General of Unaxio

    Ability (31):
    4x Consuming Fear
    4x Fireball
    3x Poor Quality
    4x Treasured Heirloom
    4x Honored Dead
    1x A Legend Rises
    1x Live Together, Die Alone
    4x Confluence of Fate
    4x Shadowbolt
    2x Dawn Raid

    Item (13):
    4x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Stun Turret
    1x Helm of Saymeht
    4x Gemstone Javelin
    1x Dagger of Unmaking
    1x Soulbound Armor

    Deck Code: 1036514B

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    Nice, but needs some Bad Santa to be truly Christmas deck, lol.
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    Played two times today against this deck and ofc it was ridiculous .. from mine point of view that tower Maj was serious deck and u should focus on her .. Loest isn't a thing definitely..
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    I'd want more 3cc allies...and not any supernova?
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    No offence but i think the deck is a bit all over the place.

    I have tried a lot of times to make control mage works, but its just proved to be weaker than aggro mage.


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