Play against yourself….

Whatever your opponent play… his is going to face it himself… and you will play it cheaper and quicker… sounds scary?

Hero: Garth Ravensoul

Allies (13):
4x Layarian Knight
4x Spirit Warden
4x Lyra Blackrose
1x Aldmor Scavenger

Abilities (10):
3x Wizent's Prayer
4x Sinkhole
3x Stop, Thief!

Items (8):
3x Splicer's Crown
4x Black Market
1x Distortion Harness
4x Anklebreaker

Locations (4):
4x Racksul: Warped Desert

= 39 card

This is possibly the best use of Black Market, thanks for the crazy draw from Racksul: Warped Desert. Now you don’t need to spend 4cc to draw, Racksul will give you plenty of cards from opponent, and you can play them with 2cc less.

You can use Spirit Warden, Wizent’s Prayer, Sinkhole and Splicer’s Crown to activate the location. Lyra Blackrose is a good counter to the non-controller side ability since your opponent would have to discard when using the location. Lyra Blackrose is also a good counter to Javelin.

Gameplan is defense...get the location asap and draw cards from your opponent. In late game, you will be mainly playing your opponent cards instead of yours. Try to use their strategy to beat them!

Remember black market is the key. If your opponent steals your black market you need to destroy it asap. If your black market is destroyed, get it back from Aldmor Scavenger.