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    World Championships Weekend!!! Dec 15 & 16 6PM GMT

    Yoyo everyone!

    The regionals have concluded and given us our final participants. Well, that is almost the case except for the fact that we still have one major tournament going on... TJ... -_- (by the way, look to my signature on how to join our online community to participate in these major events. There is no cost to join the many events we hold as a community that you can play for fun or to earn a World Cup Ticket for next season.)

    Anyhow, with our participants NEARLY finalized, we are looking forward to the big weekend ahead. A big congratulations to those that have qualified thus far. The following are the rules set for the weekend of Dec 15th and 16th 6PM GMT

    World Championships 2018!

    Day 1 rules and format:

    Of course, this tournament has deck and hero lock throughout. No exceptions. Any changes found by me will lead to an immediate disqualification.

    1. This tournament is a Swiss style Best of Three matchup over 5 rounds.

    2. Each game/set win counts as 1 point. Each match win counts as 1 point. Byes will be 2 points.

    Example: Player 1 (2-1) Player 2
    Player 1, 3 points (2 games won + match win = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 points)
    Player 2, 1 point (1 game won = 1 point)

    3. In the event of a tie, we will look to games played and compare the records of those who are tied. Example:

    Player 1/ Player 2
    Round 1, 2-0 / 2-0
    Round 2, 2-0 / 2-0
    Round 3, 2-0 / 2-1
    Round 4, 1-2 / 1-2
    Round 5, 0-2 / 0-2
    10 points (7-4) vs 10 points (7-5)

    Player one advances

    4. If there is no clear winner then we will move to record in games played between tied players.

    5. If still there is no clear winner, we will have a playoff bo3.

    6. In the event that there are 3 or more participants with identical statistics, there will be a playoff single elimination with the highest seeded player by Challonge receiving the bye.

    8. Disconnects will be treated as a loss. Period. No replays.

    9. Draws will be replayed with the same player going first.

    10. Games will have random start for game 1. Game 2, the player who went 2nd in game 1 will go first. Game 3 is again, random start.

    11. Of course, all rulings by the TO are final.

    Day 2 will be a simple best of three single elimination format between the top 8 players of day 1. Seeding for the bracket will be based directly on Challonge placement. Or will it... hmmm... All rules are the same.

    Same decks and hero will carry over from day 1

    We need to double check on this. Information will be updated shortly.

    Stream info:
    Day 1: TBD

    Day 2:
    Commentary by BP Meeklosh, SEF Mango, A1 Mananexus and many more!

    Lastly, I am awarding out prizes for regionals so please be patient. I needed to wait for my days off to be able to work on that T_T

    Again, a big congratulations to those who have fought their way into this grand event through tournaments or the regionals. We are only another weekend away from crowning yet another grand champion and I am very excited to see how things go and who end up on top!

    Good luck to everyone!
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