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    Hated's Barbaric Ballista Beatdown Build :)

    ok so as many of you know I've been playing this game for 10+ years. Also, as many of you may know I typically play weapons heroes(Gwen and Threbin mostly). I also play a significant amount of meltdown specifically because I like making decks that are specifically designed to make VERY large weapons(i.e.Gwen-bezerkers edge, mournblade, Chains of torment etc). So I've built a Darkclaw deck that has the potential to build some big weapons and combo with certain allies to drop some major damage. Ok so here we go.

    Hero: Darkclaw

    2X insolent pup
    4x wulven tinker
    3x lightning hunter
    2x towering brute
    4x Phaedon Barbarian ****** This guy is the star of the deck
    2x Shadow Knight

    3x now you're mine
    2x sacrificial lamb
    4x blood moon
    1x relentless savagery
    2x captured prey
    3x speed strike
    1x shadow font

    4x heavy ballista ****** Another potential star if played correctly
    1x gromm's axe
    3x lythian sledgehammer

    OK so first I want to say that the difficulty level, in terms of playing this deck effectively, is moderate-high. With that being said im only going to give a brief rundown of the strategy here.
    So the whole idea of this build is to get heavy ballista up as early as possible (T3 preferably-yes even before speed strike). With HB up you should be smart about how you use your durability. Keep your durability up with wulven tinker and use your 4 drops to increase your weapons attack
    HB+ally combos: lightning hunter gets plus one when hitting the board which is nice but what youre trying to set up here is dropping phaedon barbarian and using your HB to kill an ally. When you do PB hits the board readied with 5 attack. Barbarian starts to get really exciting when you have speed strike up and you are able to kill multiple allies. Just to clarify, you drop PB then kill an ally, PB readies, attack with PB, then kill the second ally and PB readies again. So that HB/PB/SS combo has the potential to do 18 damage in one turn! So that's the bread and butter of this deck.

    Couple other details:
    Towering Brute: use against rogues and pretty much any decks that play a lot of haste allies
    Shadow Knights: use primarily to retrieve your wulven tinkers
    Gromms axe: when you haven't been able to set up your heavy ballista combo. Also works well with lightning hunter and hasted barbarian
    Sledgehammer: A must against any hero that plays item destruction.

    Cards to add or removes
    relentless savagery( Ive gone back and forth many times with this card-still not sure- Input?)
    Gromms axe: perhaps remove and replace with a T4 weapon? thoughts?
    insolent pups: I honestly like these little guys. I can drop to finish allies, trigger traps, reduce oppon. weapon durability, or just to do a couple damage and they generally don't clog up my graveyard so I can use SK to return higher value allies.
    1-2 copies of some 3 cast ally? ive tried dread wolves and wulven slavers and I cant say im particularly satisfied with either. Thoughts?/input?
    1-2 Bad Santas for additional/burst draw

    Alright well there it is. Hope you guys enjoy it and of course feel free to offer your thoughts/suggestions/feedback

    Thanks! See you in the field!

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    Nice, unique approach to DC deck! I haven't seen something like this in QM before.

    Design Team Leader

    Check out this thread for some awesome articles and guides.

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    Thanks Veles! Any critiques?
    Question everything but be open to anything

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    Wulven shaman perhaps? It’s a good choice to bring back tinkers. Although SK can loop itself or bring back a phaedon.

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