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    Majiya Campain Hard

    Im looking for some tips for

    Majiya vs Serena (Hard)
    she starts with IGG, Night prowler, Ancklebreaker

    Majiya vs Amber (Hard)
    she starts with Zoe, Jewels dream, Reserve Weapon

    Majiya vs logan (Hard)
    he starts with legion united and Brutal Minotaur

    Majiya vs Gravebone (Hard)
    he starts with Gargoyle, Deathbone and Keldor

    Majiya vs Darkclaw (Hard)
    he starts with Wulven Tracker (x2) and WBT

    maybe i asked a bit too much but any help is appreciated.

    thank you!
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    Been a while since I did this but something like:

    vs Serena: Firesnakes? I don't know if AI will attack them. If it still does, then something silly like Frying Pan to remove Nightprowler.
    vs Amber: Shriek of Vengeance will probably set you back too much early, so you will have to take that early beating by Amber. Trick would be how to survive second wave via Reserve Weapon. Maybe try 4 of Consuming Fear to deal with Zoe on t2. Subdue, Fireball or Rust Weevil for t3. T4 Shadowbolt, Lighting Strike. Snow Saphire as top end card to slow down second and 3rd wave of weapon beating. For win condition some burn and allies that are not effected as much by Crippling Blow like Plasma Behemoth.
    vs Logan. 4 of Consuming Fear to deal with Minotaur. Mages now have other ways than burn to deal with allies. Transmogrification Curse can help as well.
    vs Gravebone. Again Consuming Fear and Subdue can mitigate a lot of early damage from Gravebone.
    vs Darkclaw. Again Consuming Fear and Subdue can mitigate a lot of early damage. You will have to take some beating from WBT and hope you live till you play Snow Saphire. I remember he has too many weapons for item destruction to be effective.

    In order to have these optimal turns I advice to keep your decks to 30 cards to increase probabilities of drawing them on time.

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