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    Thumbs up Lone dogo

    Hey there I decided to try and make lone wolf viable and I have found a list that does very well in the current meta.

    2x Now You're Mine
    4x Rain Delay
    4x Blood Moon
    4x Speedstrike
    4x Full Moon
    4x Lone Wolf
    2x Shadow Font
    4x What Big Teeth
    2x Evil Ascendant
    4x Spiked Shield
    3x Lythian Sledgehammer
    3x Ravencrest: Valley of Secrets

    The deck is not fully optimized right now I am testing numbers of cards and things will probably change but overall it has done well on ladder. Ravencrest can get big value but in some matches you are just going to always sacrifice it as it gives some classes/control decks too many options. Spiked shield makes What Big Teeth very threatening and can make Sledgehammer ridiculous with Darkclaws ability. If Ravencrest does hit the board it can help chain Full moons and Rain Delays while you smack with your Teeth, Sledgehammer or in dire cases yours spiked shield. Deck could definitely use some tech cards for certain match ups just depends on what you are facing.
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    I think you beat me with this deck!!!

    Very annoying to play against ��.

    One of the reasons I switched to Ter Adun recently.

    What is your overall record using this deck?
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    Go WBT Lone Wolf Darkclaw! Don't need no allies :d

    My list has been pretty much unchanged for a long long time. I've cut Yahari and just added two more NYM; the cost is pretty high on Yahari, and its been since changed to give opponent the draw cards option.

    Been averaging around the 270 rating mark casually this month. Every once in a while I get bored and play something else, especially the last two months that encouraged it with the sef challenge.

    I havn't actually tested Ravencrest, but the controller side never seemed good enough to allow opponent to search, especially since a lot of opponents don't have a use for their SE against no allies.

    EA I've always felt was too slow. Opposing allies are still likely to get a hit in before dying to weapon anyway. Then again, I'm playing 4x font, so it might just be I have higher uptime on buffed weapons.

    Lone Wolf I cut down to 3x, as its less important than Speedstrike, and also you get an extra draw to find it. It's also pretty dead to draw late game as the two a turn slowly stops being able to keep up with bigger allies, or just extra copies in general. It is however incredibly strong especially if you get it on t4; Lone Wolf has definitely won its share of games for me.

    Spiked shield... tbh I forgot about it. My initial impression on seeing it is that I don't have anything to cut for it, but I might try dropping sledgehammers.
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