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    Quote Originally Posted by piter_00 View Post
    But plunderer gives only 1 durability to it, that's why he returns it to play.
    I played some games against warriors and rouges that were using it and I would say that there's no problem with it. It's very powerful to seek it with ally and to return it to play with 1 durability by ally but I think it's not op and despite of it they don't win always. It can help regain board but it's huge cost (weapon gets destroyed). I think the problem is with seek to hand by braxnorian weaponsmith at relatively low cost.

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    But plunderer gives it +1 attack while returning to play for free. In essence, allowing a free 4 damage and a 3/5 ally for 4cc. He's a problem imo. (plunderer should at least have to discard a card from hand to grab a weapon or something)
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    I agree with Shadow Mann, but I do want to point out that Shadow Heroes are currently the only ones with hard counters to Javelin strategies, I think.

    For mitigating the effect damage:
    Humans have Decoy Trap and Holy Shield, but they're not viable as a tech for this card. The best you can do to mitigate the damage as a human is play Kion (slow af, minimal to no gain). Blessed protection, reinforced armor, etc are bricks and too weak, and Stoneskin doesn't do enough, unfortunately. Shadows have Dakrath and Infernal Gargoyle, but Warriors can easily buff gemstone, so that makes them vulnerable still. There are hard counters in Disciple of Aldmor and Blackened Heart, though. Also keep in mind stun turret still exists.

    For stopping graveyard recursion in general:
    The best options humans have are Darklight Timelord (slow and expensive for minimal gain) and Wizent's Prayer (a brick). Rogues can use stuff like Procured and Restored and Grave Robber, but... meh. Shadows can use Gravemonger and Sword Gobbler, which seem like they could be decent techs, but I am not sure. And mages can do some cheese with items in graveyards, but we're not even gonna go there.

    For stopping plunderer specifically:
    You're pretty much SOL. Groundshift is your only option, which is no where near viable for many reasons.

    But the problem with all of these tech categories is that none of them can stop Gemstone from coming out, and none of them can stop Plunderer. You have to take the hit first. Therefore, your item destruction tech is essentially graveyard manipulation... which sucks! It wouldn't suck if we had better options, though. Maybe a card that negates the effects of items in play? Either way, Javelin is ahead of its time, unfortunately.

    So there needs to be a nerf somewhere. But until then, I guess the best counter strat is to play a solo to semi solo weapon based build. Feel free to enlighten me if I am missing anything, though


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