Hero: Logan Stonebreaker

Allies (20):
2x Spitfire Hound
4x Cleric of the Asyn
4x Ravager Zealot
3x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
2x Murderous Hulk
2x Yari Plunderer
2x Thriss Demolitionist
1x Brakkong, Menace of Thriss

Abilities (11):
4x War Cry
2x Carnage
4x Blood Frenzy
1x Enrage

Items (10):
3x Crown of Ages
4x Pithing Spear
1x Spectral Sabre
2x Gemstone Javelin

= 42 cards ~ 12040g

Import Code: 853072B

ok so this is my take on Ravager Logan.

Logan got some great toys overall in LL. Spear is still pretty clutch weapon for him but now you can pair it with War Cry to help feed your draw. Javelin was recently introduced and it a decent weapon for him to especially with the option to use it as Ability damage (doesnít trigger death off his hero ability) but also as fodder for Zealot and Hound. Carnage is one of my favorite new cards for Logan and goes great with some of the harder to kill ravager allies to help boost their attack. also this can be destroyed as fodder and replaced with new copy for cheap which can also boost weapon attacks. Brakkong isnít needed but you can have a number of attachments/items out to get his cost very low. The none ravager allies are fairly important to logan as well to ensure he can have a weapon when needed. Yari Plunderer is an amazing card when coupled with loganís ability for helping retake a board giving you a one use weapon (except javelin) while putting an ally on the board.

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