Looking for some interesting alternative to Isodora Mage? Homuc Aramia is a good choice with a different style to your normal mage deck.

Hero: Aramia

Allies (18):
4x Vigilant Wisp
4x Entangled Wisp
3x Armored Packbeast
3x Fortified Wisp
3x Thunderstrike Construct
2x Lilyt of Orem
1x Kion the Magnificent

Abilities (9):
1x A Legend Rises
2x Suspended Animation
4x Shadowbolt
2x Ley Line Nexus

Items (9):
2x Tome of Knowledge
1x Leash of Life
4x Living Ice Wall
1x Stun Turret
2x Dagger of Unmaking

= 40 cards

This is a deck to try Lilyt of Orem and Shadowbolt. Both cards suit a mid-range deck style where homuculous tribe goes. Gameplan is to play sticky allies like Packbeast and Wisp and finish with Kion. Aramia is picked because you can summon Living Ice Wall for extra protection. Once Ice Wall is killed, it becomes food for Lilyt of Orem and Suspended Animation. Shadowbolt can supply extra SE to fuel up Vigilant Wisp and Aramia's ability.

You can swap Dagger of Unmaking for Supernova and Shadowbolt for Subdue. It comes down to personal choice.