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    *** SALE *** Physical Shadow Era cards

    Hi guys,

    Me and two friends started an online physical Shadow Era card shop a few years ago, but due to our studies we had to let that go.
    We still have a MASSIVE amount of card stock and because I'm moving places we are selling them.

    Perhaps this will give a boost to the physical aspect of Shadow Era as well!
    Click on the movie link below to see our collection and just order any card you want.

    We're not stingy with our prices and you'll probably have a general idea of what it might be cost (if not check either eBay or pm me).
    Then just propose an offer to us with a minimum order of 50 euro's (we're based in the Netherlands) and you pay the shipping costs yourself.
    We'll put 10 online shadow crystal redeem code cards with the shipment as well for free.

    We have every single card of the set Call of the Crystals and lots of foil.
    Everything is in pure MINT condition and went straight into the folder from the package.



    Tim, Shadowerashop
    For weekly free SE Crystals visit

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    PM me if your cards are still for sale


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