Isadora is by far my favourite card in this set.
Ive been trying to make her work with Gravebone and Nishaven, the first one giving me better results till now.

I tried using a mix of ally/spell 50%/50% but the semisolo worked better.

I usually go rush on face and try to have Isadora in the grave at least on turn 5.
Then reanimate her the same turn you have free resources for 2 or 3 spells and its GG.

Leash of life is a key card here, so vs Rogues and Priests try to cast it the same turn you reanimate her, to make sure you will be able to benefit from it at the first turn you will do the combo. Vs other classes you can cast it one turn before, as they probably wont have any destruction spell for it, so next turn you reanimate her and enjoy 2 more free resources.

All hope is lost is basically to make her readied again for just 1cc. I considered using Grave Resistance instead, but the draw from AHIL helps the combo going on and on.


Hero: Gravebone (40 cards)

Ally (8):
4x Falseblood Cultist
4x Isadora Stormrage

Ability (24):
2x All Hope is Lost
4x Bad Santa
3x Sinkhole
4x Fireball
2x Disarming Personality
4x Lightning Strike
1x Shadow Font
4x Supernova

Item (7):
4x Crystal Shards
3x Leash of Life

Deck Code: 563840B