Hey everyone! I thought I'd share my Double Back rush deck. I've been having a lot of fun with it recently, and it's an extraordinarily dangerous deck when going first because of how easy it is to abuse Double Back to swarm the field with small allies, and then reload the hand by discarding a trap. Ythan is chosen because of his ability to make an ally attack twice, which combos very well with Inspiring Fellowship. This combo is why the deck can consistently dish out 14-15 damage on T4, and utterly destroy slow control decks. This deck struggles however if going second, or if the opponent is also running a fast deck. Surprisingly, Tidal Wave and Supernova are not huge issues, since you can sometimes win before they can even play it.

Hero: Ythan Redthorn (40 cards)

Ally (21):
2x Kristoffer Wyld
4x Master Trapsetter
4x Krugal Lookout
4x Krugal Trapper
4x Krugal Braggart
3x Aldon the Brave

Ability (13):
4x Double Back
4x Bad Santa
1x Hunting Party
4x Inspiring Fellowship

Item (5):
4x Net Trap
1x Decoy Trap

Deck Code: 713242B