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    [ozonf’s] Basic Hunter Badruu

    I will share you a hunter deck!

    Hero: Baduruu

    Allies (12):
    4x Krugal Trapper
    4x Snowland Spotter
    3x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt
    1x Vull the Insatiable

    Abilities (10):
    2x Here Be Monsters
    3x Hunter's Gambit
    2x Shriek of Revulsion
    1x Ley Line Nexus
    2x Dawn Raid

    Items (17):
    2x Ricochet Trap
    4x Camouflaged Foe
    2x Night Prowler
    3x Soul Seeker
    3x Grundler's Double
    3x Emore Crossbow

    = 40 cards ~ 18700g

    This is hunter deck as you know.
    My best build is here.
    Very balanced and strong.
    Please try this.

    This concept was not my idea. I just made an adjustment.
    however this deck achieved 82% win rate.

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    yoyo OzonF!

    Thanks for contributing to the community with another good deck. Baduruu is always a strong hero to use. Good for people to see what works well so that they can learn faster.
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    Looks solid. I think that you could probably cut 1 weapon and still draw one most the time. I usually play with 7 in badu decks personally. Also would consider a little less tech and maybe add in some bobcats for haste damage late game
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