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    [RS Seadog] Competitive Attachment Jericho

    Hero: Jericho Spellbane

    Allies (10):
    4x Zailen Scholar
    3x Templar Adventist
    3x Eternal Troll

    Abilities (27):
    2x For Unaxio!
    3x Strength of Conviction
    3x Spirit of Devotion
    2x Divine Connection
    3x Arada Jewels
    3x Focused Prayer
    1x Resurrection
    2x Holy Shield
    4x Confluence of Fate
    4x Tidal Wave

    Items (2):
    2x Glass Chalice of Knowing

    = 40 cards

    A fine-tuned deck for a competitive archetype. Ready for any tourneys. I brought this deck to Slugfest and it took me to top 8.

    Most cards are standard except for Eternal Troll and Holy Shield. Thank you for ETC FDL idea!

    Eternal Troll is particularly good in Priest mirror. Also works well with your own Tidal Wave.

    Holy Shield can work as an infinite cycle when you have Divine Connection on board and low in deck count. My favrouite play is to put it on a buffed ally and survive your own tidal wave. Also works well against mage to give your hero an extra turn to make the lethal hit.

    Ideal game plan:
    T2 Zailen Scholar
    T3 Divine Connection + For Unaxio/ Strength of Conviction/ Spirit of Devotion + For Unaxio/ Strength of Conviction/ Spirit of Devotion + Confluence of Fate
    T4 Play any allies + attachments

    1. Try to spread over your attachments on several allies instead of buffing one massive ally.
    2. Set up draw quickly. Zailen Scholar is more important than Templar Adventist.
    3. Play aggressive. This is an aggro deck. Playing passive/reactive will cost you games.

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    Good deck. Seemingly no chance for Jericho's skill.

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    Well, this will work well for only a short time longer. There will be some nerfs coming for Zailen Scholar. You will not have the same draw as you are used to.

    I wonder how it will fair after the update.
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