The implementation of the Hero win streak Leaderboard was a wonderful idea. It gives people something to strive for trying to get their name on the list.

However, I would like to propose an idea to shake up the leaderboard. A reset of the leaderboard every 3 months and a prize rewarded for the player at first place when the 3 months have passed.

The prize? First idea is something unique and only obtainable through completing this task. Maybe the hero artwork (original or alternate) as a sleeve and mat. Of course, other ideas are welcome.

The player who obtained the top streak for the current three month period would have their name placed in a public archive. Maybe also a record keeping of the top 25 players who have obtained first place the most and which heroes they have done so with.

I like this idea as it refreshes and invigorates the player base to have something else to strive for other than top score. Especially since the prizes would be unique and ONLY obtainable through this.