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    BP presents: The Summit (WC qualifying event)

    Blue Phoenix presents: The Summit

    I. General Rules and Format

    Summit uses the double elimination format.
    1 You need to select 3 Human and 3 Shadow decks in total (3 different heroes each).
    2 You have to choose one faction for the winners bracket. You have to choose the opposing faction for the losers bracket.
    3 Decks are locked for the entire tournament.
    4 All Matches are BO5.
    5 Every player has to use every deck once in Game 1-3. And 2 different decks in game 4-5.
    6 Games 1, 3 and 5 have random start. In games 2 and 4 the player who went second in games 1 and 3 goes first. Draw and Synch Errors have to be replayed with same starting order. A disconnect results in a loss unless the opponent agrees to replay.
    7 You have to report each match with heroes used for each game either in the thread or via PM to the TO @AmberFade

    BP AmberFade 2-3 BP Holy Punisher
    Rothem > Amber
    Darkclaw < Aramia
    Elementalis > Lance
    Elementalis < Amber
    Rothem < Lance

    8 The last player standing in the winners bracket earns first place. Place 2 and 3 are decided in the losers final.
    9 Advance for No-shows and inability to finish a set will be judged according to section II.
    11 Register with IGN, TG and the faction you gonna use for each bracket. Save decks you want to use under “summit” before registration is over.

    Example registration:
    BP AmberFade/@AmberFade
    Winners Bracket: Human
    Losers Bracket: Shadow

    12 Changing decks after the registration period is over round one will result in a DQ, if you load the wrong deck and realize it after you played also DQ.
    13 Selection of an invalid hero or deck by accident in match will result into 1 game loss by default (this rule only applies if you own your mistake, not after you have been caught after playing the match).
    14 Banned cards: Lay Low, Crescendo, Soul Reaper, Into the Forest, Armor of Ages. Use of these cards will result in DQ.

    Prizes: (sponsored by Wulven)
    1st: 4 prize packs + 4 premium packs + 4 LL packs + 20 "Pick a Card" + a choice of mat and sleeves + WC spot in final 32 (+5 "Pick a Card" from BP Ross014)
    2nd: 2 prize packs + 2 premium packs + 2 LL packs + 10 "Pick a Card"+ a choice of mat and sleeves + WC spot in final 32
    3rd: 1 prize pack + 1 premium pack + 1 LL pack + 5 "Pick a Card" + a choice of mat and sleeves + WC spot in final 32
    4th: a choice of mat and sleeves

    Additional Prizes sponsored by BP Ross014: 200SC per participant to a maximum of 12,800SC shared between the top-3! And a custom Avatar made by SleepingDragon for the winner!

    II. Scheduling and Irregular advancement rules

    Rules in this section will only get applied if a match has not been played after the deadline has passed.
    1 Every pair of participants are obligated to schedule on at least 2 different days. Do not sign up if you have no time to play. Not being available will be held against you, if the match ends up not happening.
    2 Missing a scheduled time twice will result in match loss.
    3 If both parties miss one scheduled time the match result will be decided via coin toss.
    4 If a match has not been played after the deadline passed and the TO has got no information the result will get decided by coin toss. This decision is final and evidence presented after the fact will not be considered. Communicate with the TO beforehand if you have issues to schedule with your opponent.
    5 It is possible to get extensions in case of difficulties to schedule, however not longer than 1 day.

    III. Rules of proper conduct

    1 The TO’s judgements are final, excessive arguing, complaining, slandering the TO and other kinds of disruption of the tournament will result in a warning. If the behaviour proceeds the perpetrator will get disqualified from the tournament and removed from the tournament room without further notice.
    2 The primary purpose of the tournament chat room is to organise the games and interact with your opponents. Spamming the chat and inadequate behaviour such as sexist, racist and otherwise inappropriate language, or insulting other players will result in a mute for the rest of the event, or in extreme cases in disqualification.
    3 Complaints about specifics, or wishes for review via. BoD have to be cleared with the host in private. Trying to generate public support and/or outrage via spamming in the tournament chat will result in a disqualification according to 1.
    4 Third parties (for example guild members) have no business getting involved into a possible dispute between the host and a player. Doing so will be considered disruption and can result in a disqualification according to 1.

    Generally, attempts to get an competitive edge by generating drama and ruin the event for bystanders will not be tolerated. Fight your opponent in the game, not in the TG group.

    PS: Registration is open until the 5th of October (midnight GMT+0).
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