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    Caged savage buff

    I know it will not become a thing and this card will probably be underused for ever, but can we try to buff it a bit?
    It is so gimmicky to use that no one finds it worthy.

    Can we change its ability to ' while its attack is less than 3, it cannot attack.' Followed by the rest of the text.
    Omitting the 'cannot defend' part will not make it strong, but at least it will be having some backbone to hit back.

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    Hmmm... but... he is “caged”

    You can’t fight back from a cage :P

    Tbh, with the newer attachments, he really is not that bad as is. Burning Hatred for example brings him up to 3 attack. It is an amazingly aggressive play to start off a match. Especially going first.

    This card is a one cost so it needs to have some intense restrictions. Before the new attachments, I would have been on board with you. At this time though, I do not feel it needs any adjustments.

    Keep the ideas coming though. It is the best way to make the game better.
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    Caged Savage can be very effective, but if people are packing Sinkhole for dealing with the Priest Attachment Twins then it will also be great against Caged Savage. As the meta shifts, Caged Savage will have a better shot of staying on the board in his "uncaged" condition.


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