(Click here to read the Aldreides short, where the Arch-Golem, Barrabus, was first mentioned.)

This special Lost Lands Part 3 preview bundle includes the following:

* 3000 Shadow Crystals

* 3 Pick a Cards (get any 3 foils or other cards found in booster packs, including Legendaries!)

* Limited time playmat and card sleeves featuring artwork from the forthcoming Lost Lands Part 3, with bonus alternative variants. (Priceless! And yes, you will get to use them forever)

Please note that this offer will only be available until September 15th, when our next monthly bundle will replace it.

How to buy on iOS/Android: Head to the Bundle Offers section of the in-app Merchant and you will see it there.

How to buy on PC/Mac: Do the same, but clicking on it will bring up the online store page.

Direct store link: http://www.shadowera.com/store/index...roducts_id=592

In-game screenshots: