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Thread: Meltdown reward

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    Meltdown reward

    I think md is a fun mode, could we reward meltdown player with 1 card of choice including foil from the packs opened after each game?
    To balance it, we could
    1. re-introduced entry fee in gold, e.g. 1000gc
    This might allow players with lots of gold from rated/campaign to spend their gc for foil, if they are lucky and boost md activity primarily
    2. Free entry, but charge the opened card they wish to own in sc at a predefined rate (probably cheaper than merchant gc rate since player contribution to activity) or flat rate e.g. 100sc per foil, xx sc for non foil
    This will give an alternative to current ‘sc->gold->card’ of buying cards

    Not a fully thought proposal yet so other suggestions are welcome

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    Agreed that Meltdown is an underrated, but amazingly fun format. I like the idea of picking a card at a cost from the Meltdown packs. Whatever would increase the playability of this format would be great.
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