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    Night Prowler Gwen (Popup Winner) by RS FL4MEB0RN

    Posting my gwen deck to claim pac. Recently Inevitable and soomsalof posted their gwen decks on forum but their decks dont use night prowler so if you like to steal stuff this version is for you !
    Tournament thread:

    Hero : Gwenneth Truesight

    Allies :
    4x Layarian Night
    2x Masked bandit
    3x Aldon the brave
    4x Snowland spotter
    2x Viska, the scarlet blade

    Abilities :
    4x pack an extra
    2x bad santa
    2x retreat
    4x Hunter�s Gambit
    1x A legend Rises

    Items :
    2x Feathered Longbow
    3x Weevil tipped crossbow
    3x soul seeker
    4x Night Prowler

    Stratergy :
    Basically this is a standard gwen tweaked for stealing, U want an explosive start and during late game ignore fatties and go for face.
    In fact, most of the time i try to steal the bigger threats from opponents hand before they can play them.

    Some typical plays :

    1. PAE > knight/bandit > crossbow > spotter > night prowler
    This is my favourite play. Clear board with bow+spotter on T4. If oppoment leaves board empty on T5 u can steal 2 cards or if they play an ally then u can steal one card usually.

    2 PAE > knight/bandit > aldon > spotter > crossbow/seeker
    This is my typical play against weapon based heroes like amber, serena darkclaw etc. U cannot get double steal because their weapon will be out by then so just rush with allies. Crossbow is your mvp against weapon heroes, dont play it on T3. Use it after u summon spotter to get best effect.

    Going second :
    T1 PAE

    T2 knight : u can play him if u think he will survive otherwise play retreat

    T3 Feathered longbow is very nice if ur going second and dont have 2cc drop in play. It will most likely survive till T4 where u can play spotter and hero ability. Crossbow is second option but it has less survivability. If board is clear go for steal or rush with allies.

    Matchup Details :

    It is important to use spotter and bow wisely because thats ur main damage dealing combo. For example. vs boris, play bow first and then spotter because boris ability can easily kill spotter.

    Against rush mage, never sac soul seeker. It is the match winner. After they stop playing allies use night prowler on them.

    Against slow priests try to steal cards like tidal and kings pride before they can play them. Agaisnt attach priests use your retreats wisely.

    For rouges use weevil tipped crossbow to break thier ankle breaker / cutlass. Try to rush down lance before he plays too many fatties otherwise you will be in trouble.

    Moonstalker can be a trouble but hes not in meta. Same for elementals.

    Ter adun is a bad matchup, against him use aldon and smaller allies during his setup phase and use ur bows at last to finish him off.
    Playing bows early will only feed his chaos engine.
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    Congrats. For those wanting to import this, here's the output from

    Hero: Gwenneth Truesight (41 cards)

    Ally (15):
    4x Layarian Knight
    2x Masked Bandit
    3x Aldon the Brave
    4x Snowland Spotter
    2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade

    Ability (13):
    4x Pack an Extra
    2x Retreat!
    2x Bad Santa
    4x Hunter's Gambit
    1x A Legend Rises

    Item (12):
    2x Feathered Longbow
    3x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
    4x Night Prowler
    3x Soul Seeker

    Deck Code: 2353999B

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    nice deck, will give it a try, thanks!

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    Nice deck buddy!!!

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    thanks for sharing


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