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    Yari plunderer vs Gwen ability (fixed in 3.62)

    htoeijkormaeklnt vs A1 SamIamIamIam

    some time in late game. Gwen uses ability on her weevil making it 4 attack and destroying (expiring? whatever you call it when your duration goes to 0) it. next turn Boris casts Yari Plunderer and brings said weevil out of the graveyard with 4 attack.

    Does this make sense? Gwens ability should last until start of her next turn, however it says it's weapon she controls and when it is destroyed she no longer controls it.
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    According to your description of what happened, this is a bug. When the weapon leaves play, it should be forgotten by Gwen and therefore not be buffed when it returns back to play. I'll add this to the list of card bugs to be solved for next version. Thanks for reporting.

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    Never seen that happen before, lol. Not sure whether that's supposed to happen or not, but maybe it makes sense, as the "Target weapon you control" bit might apply to you controlling the weapon at the time of targeting, not necessarily needing to be under your control for the attack boost to apply in general.

    That being said, even if that logic is correct, I would think the fact that the weapon got destroyed would wipe out any bonus. So I think wording wise it makes sense, destroyed wise, not so much.

    Edit: lol, ninja'd by Gondorian.
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