Hey peeps
I am not a competitive nor serious player of shadow era but one day i decided to make a good warrior deck. Looking around i saw warrios are quite useless in matters of shadow energy, but then i found Vess.... OH MY DEAR CHRIST

I fell in love with this guy so i said myself "Why not make a fun dedicated deck? "
So here we go with the list!


Bladedancer x3
yari spearmen x4
Vanguard Yari x2
Braxnorian soldier x3
Yari marksman x3

Bad santax2
curse of aldmorx2
Ello's Resolvex4
smashing blowx3
blood Frenzyx3
Sever tiesx1
1 Shadowspawn
Mettle of the warriorx3
Enslave the Beastx4

Pride of the Yarix2

So about deck: You WANT your oponent to attack your allies. You can last a long match. your enemies cannot. Spearman+resolve make a total of 6 dmg needed to remove him (not counting eventual others spearmen) but it is not this the way you will kill enemy.

Shakles and cripling will stop annoying fatties so DO NOT PLAY EM ON LOWBIES!! Save for big epic cards!

Shackles are for avoid early game harrassment. From turn 3 you will MILL your deck totally. I drawn between 5 and 6 cards a turn thanks to confluence+blood frenzy and Mettle of the warrior is a free group heal each time you play a card.

Most enemies in shadow era attack directly your allies and not your hero which is their mistake in this deck. Many games i tossed2 spearman with 2 ellios and looked how my enemy became crazy trying killing them XDDD

The nuke here combo is pride of yari+creaures. Save marksman for late game hes still sueful but needs to be protected so play him when you are sure enemies creatures are dead or locked in crippling blows.
I decided add a sever ties to remove an enemy enrage and braxnorian soldier helps recycle the attachments you need from graveyard directly to your hand so basically you triple the amount of ensalve beast/crippling/ellio resolve in your deck and play em as needed.

The only deck i had problems so far is priest thanks to Book of curse+tidal wave. (no zhanna nor trebin, just Spellbreaker because he can wombo combo my creatures)

Against mage deck is a win already. Drop yar turn 2 and 3 spearman and if they play phoenix deck just cripple/shakcle em while you harrass hero. REMEMEBR: in this deck you must get enemy hero ASAP because losing time in killing creautres is a no go! you can crpple/enslave/stop em already making a lot of pressure!

If game goes late game be sure to have at least 11 resources. Drop yari and pride of yari and look your marksman getting easily to 18 attack points! I literally oneshotted Bloodfang last game i played he ragequitted!! XDD

Sacrifice? NEVER sac creatures. Sac mettles and confluences (you need 1 of them in game anyway) and blood frenzies! thwese are main sac. In case of BAD hand at start sac as always highest cards and try to drop down in turn 2 yari bladedancer and turn 3 a spearman!

This by no mean is a world championship deck but i m having a lot of fun with it. Lemme know how ya think about it!!