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    Pop up winning vess

    Yari vess

    Hero:Vess Swifthands

    4xYari Bladedancer
    3xYari Spearman
    3xYari Vanguard
    2xBraxnorian Veteran
    4xYari Marksman
    3xXander, Yari Captain

    4xCrippling Blow
    3xEllos' Resolve
    2xSmashing Blow
    4xBlood Frenzy
    2xMettle of the Warrior
    3xEnslave the Beast
    4xConfluence of Fate

    1xDragon's Tooth
    2xPride of the Yari

    45 cards

    Link to pop up thread

    Deck break down:

    Imho This deck isn't hard at all. In the first fou1r or five turns you require to think a little about sac choices. After that it's just mindless sac and summon till you can get the armour out for some hard blows.

    Going first ideal play would look something like this:
    T2 Blade dancer
    T3 ally/bf
    T4 ability + empty the hand with all the attachments
    T5 Ally/attachment whatever the board requires

    Going second
    T2 ally/ crippling blow
    T3 ability + ally if able
    T4 marksman

    About the choices:
    This is just standard yari vess that has given me good results. I've tried maybe 5 or 6 variations but this has given consistent results.

    Yari allies are underrated imo. Blade dancer has always been a great 2 cc and marksman is a beast. Xander and others are meh in a mixed ally deck. But they are super effective in yari builds.

    Marksman obviously is the mvp of the deck cause of that super powerful ability and a solid body.

    Brax vet + enslave just add to the deck to be more aggressive compared to a stock yari build. Brax vet is usually the mvp vs lance cause you can get bf back after eriss ability. Eriss doesn't stick on the board for long because marksman + enslave is great.

    Another card i want to talk about (and kinda have a beef about) Is the mettle. Mettle is preferred over rampage or enrage for a simple reason That it makes ally stick on board. For example if i have a marksman on board and opponent has say an aldon. I can hit aldon with marksman and then heal him back up to full health.
    The beef i have with this cards is that it makes everything just mindless summon. Your hero wont die easily because literally every card except the weap and armor heals your hero. And then it just mercy killing to the opponent lol

    The armor obviously is completely crazy. With just 3 allies on board you get +3 to each ally. Enough to get the whole board in control and also just go for throat if possible.

    Sac choices
    Early xander or any other ally can be sacced. Just keep your marksman in hand. And don't sac brax vet either.
    After getting all 3 hero attachments on board, copies can be sacced (duh).

    If you guys need to know more you can pm me on tele.

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    I agree that Yari Vess is underrated. Pride of the Yari is a such strong finisher and Vess has plenty of tools to stick few Yari on the board. I do prefer to keep the card count to 40 since drawing BF and CoF early is crucial. More so then in Wulven Vess since that one also has Traitor for additional draw.

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