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    Team Juggernauts presents: Mirror Master - A 2018 Pro Tour Event

    Mirror Master
    A Protour Event

    "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"


    All decks are locked through event. By the start of the event, please have your deck saved using the word mirror for that deck slot. Verify you only have one deck labled mirror on your account. Support will catalog your deck at the start of the event.

    After you are paired with your opponent, check here to see their deck list. All lists will be posted here. Remember: decks locked for entire event

    During each round, the top player of each bracket will be referred to as (1), the bottom player of that bracket will be referred to as (2).

    At the start of each round, a 1 or 2 random number generator will be used for each bracket.

    Both players will use the deck selected by the random number generator in game 1. They will both use the other deck in game 2.

    Each player may use either deck in round 3.



    Player x
    Player y

    Player x is (1), Player y is (2)

    RNG selects (2) for this bracket

    Both players use deck (2) for game 1. This is Player y's deck. In game 2, both players use Player x's deck, deck (1).

    In game 3 both players may select either deck.

    Random start game 1. Alternate start game 2. Random start game 3.

    • DEADLINES ARE FIRM. Extreme circumstances will be considered, but don’t expect any extensions. If a deadline passes, the TO will review any evidence presented regarding who is to blame. If a decision can’t be made, a coin flip or other random choice will decide who advances.
    • ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any excessive arguing or complaining can and will result in being removed/muted from the tourney chat and removed from the tournament. Any issues should be brought up via PM.
    • Prolonged, unannounced inactivity may result in a round loss or being removed from the tourney. Communicate with the TO and/or your opponent if you plan to be offline for several days.
    • In the event of tournament rules (fta rules, deck constraints, hero choice, etc.) are broken, it is an automatic game loss, unless the opponent agrees to replay.
    • If a player disconnects during a game, then they must take the game loss unless the opponent agrees to replay. Sync errors should be replayed with the same conditions (fta, deck composition, etc.)

    Games that go over 50 turns will be considered a draw, with the game being replayed with deck of choice of the player who didn't bring that deck as their tournament deck

    Start date August 6, 2018 at 0300 gmt0


    Assuming we stay under 64:
    1st place = 4 prize packs + 4 premium packs + 4 LL packs
    plus 1st place to have a choice between:
    15 pick a cards
    3 Pick a card, 15 premium packs 15 prize packs

    2nd place = 2 prize packs + 2 premium packs + 2 LL packs, plus whichever prize isn't picked by 1st place sponsored by TJ

    3rd place = 1 prize pack + 1 premium pack + 1 LL pack, plus 15 premium packs sponsored by TJ

    4th place: 10 prize packs sponsored bt TJ

    In addition, 2 random participants who complete round 1 (win or lose) will receive the monthly special on me FREE SWAG!
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