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    TJ's Chamber Prax

    I have been playing this deck in qm quite a bit for the last week or so and have had several people tell me it looked like a cool/fun deck, so I thought I could share it here. TJ Fordfff and I have both put in work on this list and I think that we have a pretty solid list, though there are a few slots I am still not entirely sure of. Regardless, I have around a 75% win rate with it this season so i think it is worth sharing. Here is the list:

    Hero: Praxix (40 cards)

    Ally (31):
    2x Ironhide Karash
    4x Harbinger of the Lost
    4x Brimstone Devourer
    4x Reactorary
    3x Aldmor Artisan
    4x Stardust Actualizer
    4x Xar Modulator
    4x Falseblood Cultist
    2x Crystal Titan

    Ability (4):
    4x Exaltation

    Item (4):
    4x Regression Chamber

    Deck Code: 833302B

    This whole deck is based around using regression chamber to do crazy things. If you play Xar on turn 4 and get lucky enough to discard an Exaltation with the hero ability, you can hit for 12 on turn 5 with just one ally. I have also hit for 18 with one Xar on turn 6. Don't expect crazy things to happen every game though. Sometimes things take longer to set up. But even when the combos come late, they are extremely powerful.

    I'll just go through some of the choices.

    2cc: I think that Harbinger is typically the strongest t2 play. There are several cards that you can discard that really accelerate your game plan. Karash is good vs rogues and against Layarian Knight. There are arguments for playing Feasterling in this spot as well. Ultimately a personal choice

    3cc: Actualizer is a great ally even after the hp nerf. It can help to flood the board early or after a sweeper. Also the 1/1 ally can come back with the original stats if you can use chamber on it. Brimstone and Reactorary are basically always going to each be 4x in an aggro prax list, both are amazing cards. Artisan is the biggest question mark in this deck. For a while we were playing Stardust Extractor but I found myself wanting a lower curve. I'd be interested what other people think might be better in this spot.

    4cc: These are self explanatory. Xar is part of the main combo. Being able to pull exaltation from the grave for free is really insane value, and it also lets you use chamber on it and grab it again. Chamber is also great for several reasons. Sure it enables attacking for insane amounts of damage, but it also removes attachments and negative effects. Cultist is the only draw in the deck and does a great job of dumping important things to the grave and digging for combo pieces.

    5cc: Exaltation is the final piece of the combo. The dream is to pull it from the grave for free, but it is still really good when you cast it for 5. Titan is just another good chamber target. His ability can also be relevant since chamber eats your se.

    Overall this deck is a ton of fun and is has a ton of explosiveness. I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to ask any questions here or on telegram.
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    Just had the pleasure of playing with this build earlier today and man, it is a lot of fun. Regression chamber is a powerful artifact. I really like artisan in this deck, regression chamber is so vital that having him as the tool to get it seems pretty vital in some games as well.
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    Interesting deck! Tested some comboes vs AI and I enjoyed it. Chamber is a card that always looked like you just have to figure out a way to make it OP. This seems to go into a good direction. I really like Artisan in here as well!
    Thanks for sharing!
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