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    EXILE'S Control Boris : Stragety and Discussion

    Exile's Control Boris

    1st in Bankai Pop up 14 ~ @Bankai1

    Hero : Boris Skullcrusher

    Allies ( 25 )

    X4 Layarian Knight
    X3 Aldon The Brave
    X4 Priest of the light
    X4 Layarian Seductress
    X2 Raven Wildheart
    X3 Braxnorian Soldier
    X2 Viska, Scarlett Blade
    X1 Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
    X1 Nathanias, Peoples Champion
    X1 Kion the Magnificent

    Abilities ( 12 )

    X4 Crippling Blow
    X1 Bad Santa
    X4 Blood Frenzy
    X2 Smashing Blows
    X1 A Legend Rises

    Items ( 3 )

    X2 Dragon tooth
    X1 Kings Pride

    Total Cards ( 41 )

    Intro: Let me just start by saying I am very surprised by how well this deck has done for me, not only going totally undefeated in the Pop up but also doing very well in quick matches. There were a few cards I wanted to add to the deck ( X4 Yari Marksman , Eriss Fateweaver, Rampage ) but I felt like I had to keep down the Card count in my deck to keep it consistent enough for me. I relied heavily on Marksman through out my days of playing boris but seeing how he took a little hit from non - yari builds I went with great alternatives, my Old Control Boris build was more based on keeping board clear or restricted by my opponet by either optimalizing Marksman's old ability, Crippling Blows, Dragon tooth, and of course Boris ability. Since the nerf of Marksman tho I went a different route and focused more on slowing down and Countering the opponet in a few aspects such as Layarian Seductress, Braxnorian Solider, and Priest of the light, I figured if I could counter him enough there wouldn't be a huge need for rampage to help heal my hero.

    Timing and Precision : If there's one thing I learned in SE is that you Time things perfectly and to limit helping out your opponet in some ways. Im not going to give a huge Message on this subject but I'll give the " Perfect " order in both going first and second in the deck ( FTA and SEA )


    T2 - Layarian Knight or Bad Santa ( Knight for first board ally ,Santa for limiting your opponet to 1 draw to your 3 )

    T3 - Aldon The Brave or Blood Frenzy ( Aldon to help clear board and boost your ally, Blood Frenzy for draw engine early on )

    T4 ( Countering Turn ) - Priest of Light or Layarian Seductress ( POTL to decrease opponet SE, Seductress to disable ally ... make sure your resources are not more than your opponet )

    T5 - Raven Wildheart or Braxnorian Soldier ( Raven for helping to decrease allies stats , Brax for preventing haste )

    T6 and T7 - ( Boosting Turns ) Play any Fatty or Kings Pride


    T2 - Layarian Knight or Crippling Blow ( Bad Santa is useless going 2nd )

    T3 - Aldon The Brave, Blood Fenzy, or Layarian Seductress ( Resources should most likly be equivalent to opponet )

    T4 - ( Counter Turn ) Priest of the Light or any other Countering Card ( Crippling Blow or Seductress )

    T5 - Raven Wildheart or Braxnorian Soldier

    T6 and T7 - Fatty , Dragon Tooth, Kings Pride

    Conclusion : Do take into account that I haven't included every card in the timing order and mainly focused on cards that are more important to timing. Best thing is to try not to make a mistake when trying to counter, some would be Playing POTL when the hero has 0 SE or Play a Seductress when you have more resources. I also really advise the newer players here to not use Bad Santa to help out your opponet more than yourself, an example of that would be if you have 6 cards In hand minus 1 for Santa so you draw 2 .. while your opponet could have less than you in hand and get the 3 cards benefiting him more than you. Thanks for all who will read and vent on this I'm hoping for alot of feedback!!!
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    Well i tried the yari boris deck, it works good upto a point, but this seems to work pretty decent, I'm gonna try this 1, ty fr Sharing it


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