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    Praxix's Meat Wagon v2

    Hero: Praxix

    Allies (34):
    4x Plightbred Runt ~120g
    4x Harbinger of the Lost ~120g
    3x Morbid Acolyte ~200g
    4x Rampant Krygon ~300g
    4x Brimstone Devourer ~720g
    3x Reactorary ~300g
    4x Murderous Hulk ~300g
    3x Falseblood Cultist ~720g
    3x Stardust Extractor ~120g
    2x Scourge Colossus ~4600g

    Abilities (2):
    2x Energy Discharge ~200g

    Items (4):
    4x Meat Wagon ~300g

    41 cards ~ 21260g

    I made some improvements on my meat wagon deck to make it a little more competitive, so far I am really enjoying the aggro/control theme of this deck. If you don't have Scourge Colossus you can easily replace him with Thriss Demolitionist.
    -4 Plightbred Runt and +4 Stardust Actualizer is fun to play as well.
    IGN: E2E Brandon
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