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    Remove +1 shadow Energy and card is pertfectly fine imo.

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    The +1 SE has helped to bring Ter Adun and Ravagers into competitive play.

    Otherwise, they have really not been worth while.

    I think the biggest problem people have with Chaos Engine is that it helps Ter Adun to cripple Weapon heroes which are either the top tier or 2nd tier heroes. Is that a bad thing? I enjoy the fact that a new hero has been thrust into the competitive scene. Serena (Rogues in general), Baduruu (Hunters overall), Amber donít like Ter and that is awesome because it means more balance and variety.

    I would like something like this to be created for Logan. An item created that takes aim for a specific hero

    This card is nothing in comparison to the current balance changes we just had implemented because of the game warping they did. Chaos Engine is not on such a level.
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