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    Team Juggernauts presents: The Mind Control 2018

    Tournament format: Single elimination scheme event. Each match is best of three games with alternative start: game-1 and game-3 with random start. Deck is locked inside the round.

    Mind Control: Before the start of each round, player choose a hero that his current opponent must play this round. When both players ready they create a custom game and loading the heroes they choose - "Mind control".
    After that they can immidiately start their match or schedule it for another time. Note that you should call different hero for every round.

    Deadline for round-1 will be two weeks, further rounds will be one week. Dont rely on extension, all rounds will include weekends so if you got opponent from far away from your time zone you will always have a chance to meet him.
    You should contact with opponent to schedule your matches in two days after start of the round.
    Note that start the quarrel about tournament organizer decisions may cause big problems, save your nerves and time - play another game and dont contaminate our pleasure from this event.

    All dates and times will be also announced in Mind Control telegram chat room.


    Once again pay an attention:
    DEADLINES ARE FIRM. Extreme circumstances will be considered, but dont expect any extensions. If a deadline passes, the TO will review any evidence presented regarding who is to blame. If a decision cant be made, a coin flip or other random choice will decide who advances.
    ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any excessive arguing or complaining can and will result in being removed/muted from the tourney chat and removed from the tournament. Any issues should be brought up via PM.
    Prolonged, unannounced inactivity may result in a round loss or being removed from the tourney. Communicate with the TO and/or your opponent if you plan to be offline for several days.
    If the event of tournament rules (fta rules, deck constraints, hero choice, etc.) are broken, it is an automatic game loss, unless the opponent agrees to replay.
    If a player disconnects during a game, then they must take the game loss unless the opponent agrees to replay. Sync errors should be replayed with the same conditions (fta, deck composition, etc.)
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