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    [RS Seadog] Darkclaw - Midnight Crusher

    Hero: Darkclaw

    Allies (10):
    2x Bloodpack Shaman
    2x Wulven Prophet
    4x Wulven Tinker
    2x Crusher of the Weak

    Abilities (20):
    2x Midnight Howl
    2x Now You're Mine
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Blood Moon
    2x Bad Santa
    2x Captured Prey
    4x Speedstrike
    2x Ley Line Nexus

    Items (9):
    2x Dreadclaw Totem
    1x Stun Turret
    4x Jeweler's Dream
    2x Lythian Sledgehammer

    = 39 cards

    Credits to RS Antlio for creating a haste Moonstalker. I piloted the same deck idea on Darkclaw and it’s so smooth.

    Generally speaking, it’s still the same standard Darkclaw deck with the wicked triangle of Tinker/Jeweler’s Dream/ Sacrificial Lamb, with a twist of Midnight Howl.

    Midnight Howl is particularly good in this deck as all the allies have decent attack and come-into-play ability. It’s very good on Crusher of the Weak as it kills 2 cards per turn and goes back to hand at end of turn. It also let you to cycle Shaman and Tinker which are all very useful.

    When playing against Priest, try to go for face as much as possible with the haste allies and weapons. Double hit Hammer for 8 damages plus haste in Crusher will give you a good fight.
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