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    (Gx shadowmoon) Logan the glutton

    For those who know me know that I don't like posting my competitive decks but I will at least share this one because everyone says logan will always be trash, so I'm here to prove and encourage players to play this deck if your struggling it's simple and fun and I have a 70% win rate with it against 250+ rated players.

    Hero Logan stonebreaker
    4x Ironhide karash
    4x inferno gargoyle
    4x various arachnid
    3x yari marksman
    2x pheadon barbarian
    2x ogloth the glutton
    4x killing spree
    3x Ellos resolve
    4x blood frenzy
    2x rampage
    2x shadow font
    4x jewelers dream
    1x spectre sabre
    2x legion united
    2x looter baton
    44 card deck

    I won't go in much detail but the point of this deck is to buff out glutton or arachnid and it's important that these allies keep in play which is why I use Ellos resolve and legion united against mages. I use ironhide and gargoyle for early board presence that are hard to kill right away and 4 killing sprees to use with jewelers dream for board wipes (trust me I killed 4 allies with this combo already). Without allies on the board this deck is trash so it's important you protect them somehow, it will always struggle against priest and mages but not impossible to beat if you pilot correctly. This deck beat every aldmor ele I faced so far as well so it has alot of potential.

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    Good deck shadowmoon! I would add a little bit more draw engines in this deck.

    Thanks for sharing!
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