Hero: Raikka Spellseeker

Allies (20):
4x Wulven Traitor
3x Wulven Predator
4x Wulven Scout
3x Wildfang, Wulven Renegade
4x Wulven Tactician
2x Dark Riding Hood

Abilities (17):
2x Sacrificial Lamb
2x Consuming Fear
2x Relentless Savagery
4x Fireball
4x Subdue
3x Confluence of Fate

Items (0)

Locations (4):
4x Lakmire: Training Outpost

= 42 cards ~ 23760g

This is not a finished deck, still fooling around with it so changes will probably come.

its not a hard deck to play because you can survive a lot of things with scout scouting the opp hand and using the ability wisely. Sometimes you really want to avoid the location-especially if you see your opp will gladly use it on your tactician so he can play t5 tidal, nova or anklebreaker.
Other than that, it's pretty straightforward.
You need 4 locations because you must have it early game, no matter if you play it or discard it - later game its almost always useless. You can spam 3 subdues if you draw it t6 with it so i guess you can use it mid game but these are rare situations.