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    Cool Indiana Shadowstalker and The Last Crusade

    Hi everyone,

    So this new-ish list is another tweak from my Step into the Twilight list.
    This list is slightly more Templar based as its still takes full benefit from my attachments and at the end of the day i kinda wanted a new name as i have pulled away from the twilight theme

    Lance Shadowstalker


    4x Zealous Mystic
    4x Zailen Crusader
    4x Sword Thief
    4x Twilight Shepherdess
    3x Raven WildHeart
    3x General of Unaxio
    2x Aeon Stormcaller
    1x Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
    3x Nathanias, People's Champion
    2x Oliver Fagin

    4x Strength of Conviction
    4x Spirit of Devotion
    4x Backstab
    3x Confluence of Fate
    4x Coercion
    3x Anarchic Looting

    So straight forward again. The combo piece of Twilight Shepherdess and Coercion is masterfull!! and it now comes in cheaper with Zailen Crusader and can be searched for with General of Unaxio.

    That's the beauty of this list, Twilight Shepherdess is so far down the ladder of threat when the fatties drop.

    There is still tonnes of room to move regarding your own personal flavour of unique allies.. go crazy haha

    However, this is most serious... I have slotted in Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi i like to have fun in games with this guy, rule is, he is auto
    discard before turn 6. After you can play him but he has to finish the opposing players hero, its his final hit. Kinda sends a message to opposing player. It's either this way or i will often finish the opposing player with his own allies whatever....

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    That combo is pretty awesome! Thanks for posting. And yes, finishing the game with Kalstrad gives you extra swag points
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