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    Riphide + Camouflage Foe

    So, I know that Camouflage Foe will not attack Rip Hide when summoned due to combat rules and interactions.

    I was just hoping to have an official explanation logged here for players to see in the future.

    Thank you!
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    It's not actually working correctly at the moment.

    What *should* happen depends on what else is on board.

    Scenario 1: No opposing allies and enemy Camouflaged Foe trap.

    Summoning Riphide should give it no allies to attack, and then trigger Camouflaged Foe to become an ally and attack Riphide. (In 3.60, the incorrect behaviour of Riphide attacking the Camouflaged Foe happens.)

    Scenario 2: At least one opposing ally and enemy Camouflaged Foe trap.

    Summoning Riphide should make Riphide attack an opposing ally first and then after that attack has completed (meaning Riphide's on-summon ability has resolved), Camouflaged Foe can now respond to Riphide being summoned by becoming an ally and attacking Riphide. (In 3.60, there seems to be an attempt to have two attacks at the same time which plays out as only Riphide doing his attack and the triggered Camouflaged Foe not attacking him.)

    Getting this to work correctly for 3.61 has been ... err .. fun.


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