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Thread: The Academy

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    The Academy

    Hello all; my name is AbYsMaL, formerly of the Warriors of the Blue Phoenix and developer of the training program originally used by BP to create Champions.

    A few years back (circa 2013-2014), I set out with a goal to create a curriculum for BP members to use to hone the Warriors skills as well as encourage them to seek out and grasp potential that they had, and in doing so created a Program that was both challenging to the players, but to the ones who graduated the program, appreciated and helpful. In BP, it was called the Player's Development Program, and my program was always referenced as "AbYsMaL's PDP". The program, unlike most programs, focuses more on Theorycrafting and Deckbuilding assignments that forces players undergoing the program to routinely think outside the box, and use more creative solutions to dominating the tournament scene then simply giving players a finely tuned deck and allowing one to simply have-at towards the Meta.

    PDP has successfully trained some of the strongest compeititors from BP, including Leviosablade, MightyOak (at the time), and more recently Amberfade. However, I intend to use the program not as a guild-specific program, and have decided, with BP Leviosablade's blessing, to open the doors to all players of any guild that is interested in increasing their strategic capabilities in game. The program, should any choose to enter the program, works because unlike other programs, the curriculum is designed by it's very nature to be a hard-fought endeavor, seeking to either push one's Deckbuilding to it's very limits; the Program by it's reputation in BP has always been referred to as a hard program, and success is not going to be something easily obtained.

    My goal for the Program is to ultimately provide players with the knowledge and skills needed to not only advance in ranking, but to also encourage them to take their skills towards tournament play and even the World Championships. Because the Academy is non-guild affliated, we have no intention to have other guilds attempt to recruit others inside the Academy, nor do we intend to have guild related drama or politics running Rampant throughout.

    I sincerely thank you for your time, and if you are interested in the Academy, please feel free to Private Message me here, on Telegram (@Spectral_Scoundrel), or on Discord (Academy_AbYs+3726). I hope to see you there.

    Minor FAQs:

    Q: How long is one in the program?
    A: The program is expected to run anywhere from 6-9 months, depending on how fast one completes the required assignments.

    Q: Does the Academy require a tag of any sort?
    A: No; as a non-guild affliated organization, we do not wish to take away a key guild identification system. We simply ask that you come as students and not as someone trying to recruit others into your Guild or dissuade others.

    Q: How exactly does the Program work?
    A: After a player is joined into the program, Instructors will review past games to see what rough edges there are. A curriculum is then hand-crafted for the player to go through. The curriculum will always be run the same, but Assignments will vary between students unless otherwise required.

    Q: Why does the Program work?
    A: In my experience, most people who help others play a game focus solely on the deck he or she uses. While helpful, once the meta changes or a new expansion comes out, these decks are either further optimized or they are unsuitable. I find it more acceptable to improve core concepts of the game through Practical Knowledge then to provide a solution that works only for a foreseeable future.

    Q: How many people in the Program can be accepted at one time?
    A: At the moment, we can train up to 6-8 at a time, more if we get more Instructors as well.

    Q: How can one be an Instructor?
    A: If anyone wishes to become an Instructor, they must be willing to undergo a tougher, more expedited version of the program and complete it within 3 months. Upon completion, they will be treated as an Instructor. However, to ensure that the number of Instructor's do not out-weigh the importance of the players participating, there is a strict 1:6 Instructor-to-Student Ratio in place.

    Q: Who are the current Instructors?
    A: I serve as Headmaster of the Academy; as of this moment, Leviosablade, Amberfade, and MightyOak (on a weekend basis) serves as Instructors. They were picked solely as ones who have successfully completed the Program in it's entirety, as well as having extensive training in how the Program works.

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    Good luck with the program and nice way to help new player.
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    Sign me up. ��
    Ofc everybody else has failed trying to get me to be a good player..
    So why not.
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    Good luck


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