Title say all.
Chaos engine with ravager can generate SE.
Use it to Shard of Ithrund for raisng up durability

Logan's problem was field clearing after using se
Ravager solve it.
It works well in this meta. even vs Spam Elementalis

Hero: Logan Stonebreaker

Allies (8):
4x Spitfire Hound
4x Ravager Zealot

Abilities (7):
2x Melt Down
4x Blood Frenzy
1x Enrage

Items (25):
3x Obelisk of Echoes
4x Crown of Ages
4x Chaos Engine
4x Thriss Assault Plinth
4x Thriss Crucible
4x Shard of Ithrund
2x Reserve Weapon

= 41 cards

Originally I use Machete for Moonstalker
2 Shard of Ithrund can be changed.
but it need Location.
So, I hope Spitfire treat it well without Machete.
Good Luck